Saturday, 25 April 2015

REVIEW | Blincon Disposable Cosmetic Contact Lenses


Today I'll be doing a review on one of my favourite pair of black contact lenses!

The pair of lenses I'm reviewing is the Blincon Disposable Cosmetic Contact Lenses in Smokey Black!

I got mine from Malaysia but you can purchase the lenses from here!

The lenses are of a 14.5mm diameter and they are 58% Polyhema, 42% Water! I don't normally look at that but well some people might want to know so I'm just going to leave the information up there!

I don't have any pictures of the box the lenses come in I'm sorry, because well, I opened the lenses when I was offline for my blog so I didn't remember to take pictures for later usage sorry LOL

Here are pictures of the lenses!

Close up of the lens! It has like streaks of grey and black so as to try and make the lenses look more realistic! :)

Pictures of the lenses when worn~

Love these lenses~~~ they make my eyes so big that I look like a doll!!! XDD These lenses look really dark on me because my natural eye colour is like really close to black. My friend who has light brown eyes wore them and they just made them look dark brown not black, so I guess it mostly relies on your eyes! If you have a lighter eye colour, they'll probably look more natural of a black on you then on me! Mine makes me look like I have two black holes for eyes gosh LOL


These lenses are really soft and plaint and they are really comfortable! I wore them for the whole day without my eyes feeling dry or painful! (But it would still be preferable to keep a bottle of eyedrops near you to be safe o_o)

If you are looking for a eye en-largening black lenses, then you should definitely try these lenses out!! I wish I bought more ahhhh Q_Q 

Thanks for reading!


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