Saturday, 25 April 2015

REVIEW | Blincon Disposable Cosmetic Contact Lenses


Today I'll be doing a review on one of my favourite pair of black contact lenses!

The pair of lenses I'm reviewing is the Blincon Disposable Cosmetic Contact Lenses in Smokey Black!

I got mine from Malaysia but you can purchase the lenses from here!

The lenses are of a 14.5mm diameter and they are 58% Polyhema, 42% Water! I don't normally look at that but well some people might want to know so I'm just going to leave the information up there!

I don't have any pictures of the box the lenses come in I'm sorry, because well, I opened the lenses when I was offline for my blog so I didn't remember to take pictures for later usage sorry LOL

Here are pictures of the lenses!

Close up of the lens! It has like streaks of grey and black so as to try and make the lenses look more realistic! :)

Pictures of the lenses when worn~

Love these lenses~~~ they make my eyes so big that I look like a doll!!! XDD These lenses look really dark on me because my natural eye colour is like really close to black. My friend who has light brown eyes wore them and they just made them look dark brown not black, so I guess it mostly relies on your eyes! If you have a lighter eye colour, they'll probably look more natural of a black on you then on me! Mine makes me look like I have two black holes for eyes gosh LOL


These lenses are really soft and plaint and they are really comfortable! I wore them for the whole day without my eyes feeling dry or painful! (But it would still be preferable to keep a bottle of eyedrops near you to be safe o_o)

If you are looking for a eye en-largening black lenses, then you should definitely try these lenses out!! I wish I bought more ahhhh Q_Q 

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How I Store My Contacts

Hi there! Sorry for the almost a month of disappearance! School was starting and I was trying my best to enjoy my life so much that I completely neglected my blog I'm sorry /kowtows/

Today, I'll be doing a post on how I store my contact lenses!

I must say first, that this is the way that I store my contacts, and you NEED NOT follow what I did, I'm just sharing HOW I DO IT. I'm saying all of these because I don't want to get comments like 'EW!! THAT'S SO UNSANITARY'. I find that my method fits me quite well so I don't really have any intention of changing LOL.

So this is how I store my lenses~

Yes, I know how unsanitary it may seem but I feel like this method fits me the most so I'm sticking with it.

I have the habit of putting both my lenses in one single container because I felt like putting both side of the lenses in two separate containers wastes a lot of space as well as contact solution, so I might as well put both together...and since both my eyes are of the same degree (not really, one is higher than the other but I just follow the lower one because it is a pain in the ass to get two pairs of lenses so that both sides would be different degrees), I don't have to worry that I'm wearing the wrong degree on the wrong eye.

I put my lenses in this small round plastic container that you can get at hardware stores or arts&crafts stores for a relatively cheap price.

One thing I really love about my method of storing lenses, is that this container is made out of transparent plastic! Which means, that you can see what is stored inside, which is absolutely perfect!! Why? Because this means that you are able to clearly see what the colour of the lenses inside are without having to go through the hassle of opening each and every single lens container you own! I especially hate doing that because

1. It's a waste of time especially when you are in a rush, read the second point.

2. I have the habit of changing the lens solution inside whenever I open a lens container because I believe that the liquid inside has been tainted and I'm afraid they'll ruin my lenses.

3. I'll waste a lot of contacts solution as seen in the second point.

To me, this small transparent container is good because like the lens case, it also makes use of the twisting and turning of the lid to keep it close so you don't have to worry that the container will pop open on it's own!

I don't get why some people say that this is unsanitary? Both the lens case and this is made out of plastic so I don't really understand why??

Another good point about this container, is that it is all the same, flat surface and all which makes them perfect for stacking! This saves a whole lot of space for me because I don't really have much space on my table top to put my lens cases and while some lens cases are like really freaking cute (eg. my Rilakkuma ones), THOSE COME WITH UNEVEN TOPS SO YOU CAN'T EVEN STACK THEM AT ALL UNLIKE NORMAL CASES AND THEY WASTE SO MUCH GOD DAMN SPACE URGH. (One of my pet peeves) So yes, I'm fine with my current method.

That is all regarding my storage of contact lenses! If you want to do this but aren't comfortable with the thought of putting two lenses in together, just buy double the amount of containers and put one lens in each! (Though I feel that that is quite a waste of money, liquid and space idea I'm sorry)

See you next time!

Will be doing a few lens reviews soon~ (If you follow my instagram @diiyawn, you would have seen the amount of makeup pictures I posted, each featuring a different kind of lenses hue, just going to use those photos LOL)


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Unboxing | Free! Eternal Summer Manjuu Collection


As the text implies, this post is of me unboxing my recently bought Free! Eternal Summer Manjuu Collection!

This is an anime related, as well as picture heavy post so beware! Dont't say that warnings were not given!!

These are the officially released pictures by KyoAni! (Company in charge of the Free! animation)

My first thoughts were that these were so freaking cute?? And the next was that I GOT TO HAVE THEM! I've sort of seen them in Animate before and these are called 'manjuu', which is Japanese for a bun of sorts.

These 'manjuus', are made out of cloth, with things (beans?) inside of them and they are mega squishy and can probably be used as a stress ball of sorts? (Which is precisely what I bought them for LOL)

I am going through a stressful period in life now and I always wanted a stress ball but never managed to find one to my liking. NOW WE HAVE THESE YAY!!

In Singapore, we were only able to get merchandise like these through pre-order because the anime merchandise shops we have here are unable to bring in large amount of a specific merchandise because they aren't sure how the fan base for it would be like sigh.

I had to buy the whole box of manjuus even if I only wanted a specific one because it wouldn't be possible or profitable to only bring one small manjuu in.

I usually get my anime merchandise from Otakutachi! Do check out their Facebook page for more information regarding their store!

Collected my merchandise from them last Sunday(15/03/15)! :D

The top of the big box that contained all the manjuus! Always loved the Free! art style! It's mostly bright coloured and fun looking!

Even the side of the box is really cute??? Love the shade of pink used for the Samezuka side! I'm all for Team Samezuka! What about you? XD

Ahhhh, the art style really appeals to me!! It's just so cute!! Nothing much to say about it LOL.

The front and back of the boxes are really nicely decorated too!

How the inside of the box looks like. 8 smaller boxes, each containing one manjuu each!

The smaller boxes itself are well decorated too!

The company really pays much attention to the details! The bottom, as well as the inner flaps of the box were decorated as well! A little surprised that the top inner flap wasn't decorated as well heh.

The manjuu comes in this small, sealed black bag to prevent it from getting dirty!

The following pictures are of the manjuus! In the order I drew them~ this is the order I would have gotten them in if I actually bought them one-by-one!

I drew Rin on my first try!! XD Super happy about that?! My luck is quite bad normally LOL


Took quite a few tries, but Sousuke has appeared!!! YAYYYY!!!

I feel that the Momo & Nitori manjuu are like the most adorable looking ones in the whole box although my favourite characters are Rin & Sousuke!! Ai-chan looks really seme here??? Like the >:D kind of face!!

All the manjuus stacked together! You can totally tell my bias from this picture alone LOL

Favourites on top and not so favourites at the bottom.

Another good thing about buying a full box of manjuus other than the fact that you get all the characters is that they normally come with freebies as an exclusive bargain! Remember the Rin above with a pink alien?? That is actually one version of the special free (no pun intended please) manjuus that you will get upon your purchase of a full box!

The exclusive manjuus come in a plain white box to avoid confusion I think o_o, just in case you decide to like sell some manjuus away and you sold this by accident and cry your eyeballs out...

Coincidentally, like the picture above, I got Rin as my exclusive manjuu, HAHAHAHA I AM ACTUALLY QUITE HAPPY!!! This version of Rin is adorable!! Like a half asleep face with an alien in front...

I am quite happy that the manjuus came with a strap for easy attachment to your bags and all! The picture didn't have the strap so I was sort of wondering how I was going to bring my stress ball out, it would probably get dirty in my bag faster than it would outside, I am a messy person and not very proud actually :<

And that will be all! We have arrived at the end of this post!

Thank you for reading!

Just some pictures for people who want to see all of them / considering to buy them!

Hope you found the manjuus as cute as I did!!


Monday, 23 March 2015

REVIEW | Innova Jasny Lens

Hi there! 

Today, I will be doing a review on a new pair of lenses that I've just opened!

The lenses that I will be reviewing today is the Innova Vision Jasny Monthly Disposable Colour Soft Contact Lens! It's such a mouthful and probably wouldn't fit in the title box so I shortened it heh.

There is a Chinese name for these lenses as well and it is 英諾華彩鑽月拋棄式彩色軟性隱形眼鏡. 

Why does this lens sound so weird and Chinese?

I bought them while I was in Taiwan LOL, which is why they might not sound familiar to some people! Don't worry, they are absolutely safe! I got them from a legitimate optical shop in Taiwan. The lenses are available online as well! Just copy and paste the name of the lenses in the Google search box!

I didn't do any research before buying them AHAHAHAHA!!! I just trusted them blindly because they were from a proper optical shop, nothing happened and I am actually quite happy about them in fact! You can choose not to believe me if you want to be cautious! :>

This is the box that the lens come in! I said lens, because there is only one side of the lenses in the box! When you purchase the lenses, you will be given two boxes! Don't mistakenly throw one of them away!!! XDD

The colour I bought~ Green! :>

The information given for the lenses are


DIA: 14.0mm

The information may sound weird but I really did quote the box.

The left side shows the inner side of the lens (the part that touches your eye)

The right side shows the outer side of the lens (the part that the world sees)

I can't seem to find the word to describe the pattern of the lenses o_o


I'll just leave it as that until I manage to find the proper word!

Pictures of when the lenses are worn!

Indoor self photography pictures with the lenses! :D

Outside self photography with sunlight!


They aren't very obvious and I am having sort of mixed feelings about that :<

I am sort of disappointed that they didn't turn out as green looking as they looked like in the lens case but at the same time, I'm kind of happy that they are a sort of muted looking green because like this, I am able to wear them for daily use!

Hope that this post would be able to help those who are considering this brand/pair of lenses!! :>

You can find out more about this brand through HERE!! The other lenses available are amazing as well! Bought other lenses from Taiwan as well! Will review them next time!