Thursday, 30 October 2014

REVIEW | Tarte Cosmetics - Leave Her Blushing

This review is on blushes! I did reviews on foundation, lipsticks, lip balms, eyeshadows and all so I was thinking 'It's time for something new!' Hence, this post about cheeks.

Newly added into my collection, is this stunning Tarte 'Leave Her Blushing' blush set! I have heard rave reviews regarding their products and I am absolutely delighted to have a chance to try and use their products!

'Leave Her Blushing', is a set of 3 deluxe Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes & Blush Brush set!
It comes in this pretty purple & gold box!

Isn't it so pretty! The gold branches makes it look so refined!

This is how the packaging inside looks!

The blushes included in this set are
Honoured - a beautiful Nudy Rose shade
Imagined - a startling Candy Pink shade
Treasured - a subtle Melon shade

This is Honoured

Like its description, it has a pinkish tint like roses, except that it leans more towards the brown side. It is a little browner in real life. The color is gradual which allows you to build on the layers, therefore allowing you to get the intensity that you want.

I normally use this when I have intense eyes or lip colors and I just want to give my cheeks a slight wash of color.

This is Imagined

It is a bright shade of pink and it really seems to make your cheeks 'pop'. This is best used when you have subtle eyes and lips. Apply this to the apple of your cheeks but as this is rather concentrated and pigmented, avoid over applying this or you'll look weird! Like you'll look like a overripe apple of sorts.

As much as I love this shade of pink, it doesn't exactly look very nice on me, because I tend to overdo it AHAHAHA!

This is Treasured

This blusher leans more towards the orange side, and I found out that it works great if you are going for a natural sun-kissed look.

For the sun-kissed look, prep your face with the basics like foundation, do your eyes if you want, and then load the brush up with this blusher, and drag it from one side of your face to another. From the apple of one side of your cheeks, over the nose bridge, and then over the apple of the other side of your cheeks. Is that confusing? xD

Tip: To make it even more natural, take a brown eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow, dot your cheeks and nose slightly and then blend it in to add depth and reality to your sun-kissed look! After all, sun-kissed leans toward the tan side as well, so you cannot just be pure orange-red! xD

This series of blushers are good in the sense that they are long lasting and they lessen your need to constantly excuse yourself to touch up your makeup! Isn't that what every girl wishes for? To not have to touch up your makeup too frequently? Because we are all mostly lazy? LOL

These blushers are made with Amazonian clay and before you go 'HUH?! CLAY?! WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT?', read this!

Amazonian Clay helps to minimize the amount of oil in and around the pores to help balance your skin and keep it matte, as well as to help keep the product in place while also helping to hydrate the skin naturally in order to restore moisture, therefore efficiently reducing the appearance of dry flaky skin! Isn't that nice? No flaky or patchy looking skin to annoy us all! :)

These blushers are also formulated without
  • Parabens
  • Mineral Oil
  • Phthalates
  • Triclosan
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Synthetic Fragrance 
I don't exactly know what these are, but since these blushers are formulated without those products, those products probably help to make your skin dry, flaky and patchy. I think. o.o

Also, these blushers are wonderful and it is great for all skin types! So you can enjoy all of these blushers without worrying that it will harm or worsen your skin condition!

  • Oily skin: The Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep the product in place so that the oil doesn't cause the blush to run or get blotchy!
  • Dry skin: The Amazonian clay hydrates the skin naturally to restore and provide moisture so that your blush wears better and longer and you don't have to worry that it'll crack!
  • Dull skin: The Amazonian clay helps to improve the appearance of skin clarity as well as your skin texture!
  • Combination skin: The Amazonian clay is completely intuitive! It will give the skin an overall smooth and even texture!
This product can be bought from HERE through under-twenty20!!

Alternatively, you could buy Tarte cosmetic products through the official Tarte Cosmetics website but they only ship in the States! ): So Singaporeans like me simply have to make use of the Singapore based website that kindly helps to ship Tarte cosmetics in!

Enjoy and go wild Tartelettes!

Peace! >D


  1. Imagined is pretty ;o; -Sarah

  2. Oh hi there Sarah! HAHAH I can use it on you for prom!