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REVIEW | Sleek Makeup - Pout Polish SPF 15 Tinted Lip Conditioner

A while back, I purchased the Sleek MakeUp Pout Polish that I had been eyeing for quite a while. It normally costs $13, but due to the fact that I bought it when Luxola was having a 25% off sale, I got it for around $9.75. What a steal :D

The thing that first caught my attention when I stumbled upon the webpage, were the colors that the pout polish was available in. I had a such a surprise when it came xD I thought that it would be small and round, when in actual fact, it was flat and sleek. The Pout Polish/Tinted Lip Conditioner, was set in a palm sized looking pot and it just looked so endearing to me. It didn't look bulky like my Body Shop's lip balms, but instead, it looked really sleek like its name suggests!

The Pout Polish comes in various colors.

Perfect Plum

Pink Cadillac

Electro Peach

Chocolate Kiss

Peach Perfection


Powder Pink

I am not sure if everyone feels the same way, but the various shades of pink makes me go all 'AWWW!! WANT WANT WANT!!!' while the other colors make me go 'Er...okay?' LOL

I bought the pout polish in Peach Perfection! It took me quite a while to decide which color to get. I was torn between Pink Cadillac, Peach Perfection and Powder Pink. It was a really difficult decision! ): They all looked so good! My friend Sarah, had to intervene because I was really taking a very long time to decide. She convinced me that Pink Cadillac wasn't my color because it was dark pink and it would only serve to darken my lips, while Powder Pink was too pale a pink and it would only serve to make me look sick and queer. So Peach Perfection it was! Pink with an orange tint/undertone.

When it arrived, I was really happy and excited to try it out. Some things that I like about this product is that it is

  • Highly pigmented
  • Built in with SPF15
  • A host of moisturizing oils
  • Able to stain your lips deeper than most glosses
  • Long lasting
Don't you just hate it when your lip products don't last long? You have to constantly excuse yourself to reapply it! So troublesome! D<

The product came exactly how I imagined it. Sweet, endearing, sleek and compact, along with the smell of Vanilla. Such a sweet smelling product. 

With flash

Without flash :)

A few things that I noticed when using this product

  • It takes on the form of a cream
  • It is really smooth when you touch it
  • Glides onto lips smoothly
  • Not sticky to the touch
  • Nice pigmentation
  • Lasts for a fair bit (About 3-6 hours, depending on what you do)
  • If you do not rid your lips of dead skin before applying this product, you will end up with patchy and splotchy lips with flaky skin. YUCKS.
  • Lip balm is advised before usage of this product.
  • Lips have a slight tingly sensation 
  • The scent of Vanilla can get pretty overbearing
Well, overall, I am semi satisfied with this product. Though I don't feel extremely compelled to use this unlike when I first saw it.

I would rate this around a 7.5/10, because the fact that I have to use lip balm before I use this product. WHAT IF I AM IN A RUSH D< WHAT IF I RAN OUT OF LIP BALM AND LIP STICK AND I NEEDED TO USE THIS DESPERATELY HUH! The tingly sensation sort of gets to me as well. It doesn't cause my lips to itch or anything, but it just bugs me. You would too if your lips felt weird. The vanilla scent was probably the one that pulled my rating of 8.5 to a 7.5. I understand that you want your products to smell good, but I think you really went overboard with the scent for this. It can get pretty nauseating if you have to smell it constantly. The saving grace for this is probably the fact that it lasts long and you don't have to keep opening the container and smell that sweet scent. Is it just my pot being so sweet smelling? Anyone else has this problem too?

This product can be bought from HERE through Luxola! Enjoy shopping!

Thank you for reading! Have a happy day! :)


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