Monday, 23 March 2015

REVIEW | Innova Jasny Lens

Hi there! 

Today, I will be doing a review on a new pair of lenses that I've just opened!

The lenses that I will be reviewing today is the Innova Vision Jasny Monthly Disposable Colour Soft Contact Lens! It's such a mouthful and probably wouldn't fit in the title box so I shortened it heh.

There is a Chinese name for these lenses as well and it is 英諾華彩鑽月拋棄式彩色軟性隱形眼鏡. 

Why does this lens sound so weird and Chinese?

I bought them while I was in Taiwan LOL, which is why they might not sound familiar to some people! Don't worry, they are absolutely safe! I got them from a legitimate optical shop in Taiwan. The lenses are available online as well! Just copy and paste the name of the lenses in the Google search box!

I didn't do any research before buying them AHAHAHAHA!!! I just trusted them blindly because they were from a proper optical shop, nothing happened and I am actually quite happy about them in fact! You can choose not to believe me if you want to be cautious! :>

This is the box that the lens come in! I said lens, because there is only one side of the lenses in the box! When you purchase the lenses, you will be given two boxes! Don't mistakenly throw one of them away!!! XDD

The colour I bought~ Green! :>

The information given for the lenses are


DIA: 14.0mm

The information may sound weird but I really did quote the box.

The left side shows the inner side of the lens (the part that touches your eye)

The right side shows the outer side of the lens (the part that the world sees)

I can't seem to find the word to describe the pattern of the lenses o_o


I'll just leave it as that until I manage to find the proper word!

Pictures of when the lenses are worn!

Indoor self photography pictures with the lenses! :D

Outside self photography with sunlight!


They aren't very obvious and I am having sort of mixed feelings about that :<

I am sort of disappointed that they didn't turn out as green looking as they looked like in the lens case but at the same time, I'm kind of happy that they are a sort of muted looking green because like this, I am able to wear them for daily use!

Hope that this post would be able to help those who are considering this brand/pair of lenses!! :>

You can find out more about this brand through HERE!! The other lenses available are amazing as well! Bought other lenses from Taiwan as well! Will review them next time!


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