Saturday, 2 November 2013

Glitz & Glamour Party

Today, I attended a The Body Shop workshop called the Glitz & Glamour Party with Liy and just like its name suggests, it was a rather classy event! It was held at

Raffles City Convention Centre
Bras Basah Room, Level 4
80 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189560

from around 10am to 12pm.

Liy and I arrived about 5-10 mins before the event started and we were pleasantly surprised upon reaching the venue. After we cleared the registration and collected our goodie bags, we were led to this space behind the hall where there were refreshments waiting for us! The food served was really high class and delicious! I ate a lot heheheheh xD

Here are some pictures of the food!

There were sticks of prawns and scallops, chocolate coated gingerbread cookies and different kinds of pastries! They also had a variety of tea. I choose the Vanilla Bourbon tea and it reminded me a lot of ice-cream tea! I would like to have it again! One thing that interested me a lot, was that the milk and creamer were not in packet form, but were instead in liquid form and served in little dispensers/pour-ers of sorts!

This is what Liy and I took! We weren't very hungry, so we shared a plate. :)

Just look at the size of those scallops *O*

Oh yes, this is what was in our goodie bags!


  • Butter Cookie
  • The Body Shop 2013 Christmas Catalogue
  • Set of vouchers
  • Set of BORN LIPPY Lip Balm in Passionberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Raspberry and Satsuma Shimmer
So nice of them! 

After eating, we entered the venue to get seated and ready for the event to begin! 

Such a solemn looking setting LOL. But I appreciate the fact that they actually provided us with sweets and beverages. There was paper for us to use as well! In case we wanted to take notes. I didn't though o.o I just used my ears to listen. And my mouth to comment to Liy eheheh.

Mandatory selfies!

My expressions look so awkward because I don't know how to smile nicely okay LOL. I look derpish when I smile. Look at Liy that cutie pie.

Since I had time before the event started, I took pictures of the Christmas Catalogue that they provided us with. Your're welcome :)

The pictures alone got me excited already LOL! What about you all? :)

The event started off with a makeup tutorial specially directed by award-winning and celebrity make-up artist from UK, Lan Nguyen-Grealis. She was so pretty! She had her hair done in a high pony tail that was tightly curled into one single curl. It looked so good on her! I probably wouldn't even look half as nice as her sigh ): I didn't have the chance to have a picture taken with her because she was so busy. Another sigh ): But I can Google you an image of her! Yay! :)

She's a self taught makeup artist with 12 years of experience and that makes me respect her loads, because I don't think that it was an easy journey getting to where she currently is.

Making use of The Body Shop's Special Edition Winter Trend Makeup, she gave her model a makeover and I didn't really manage to get clear pictures because I was so afraid that I would disturb everyone else if I stepped in close to take pictures. Had to rely on the zoom function which was ):

Sorry for the poor quality :x

Learnt a few tips
  • Use another colored eyeliner to act as your base before applying the color of the eyeliner you want to strengthen the intensity.
  • After drawing your eyeliner using liquid or gel, go over it with eyeshadow to help set the eye liner. It lasts longer this way!
  • Highlighting is a need! It helps to define your features! (I use to avoid this but I guess I'll give it a try)
  • When applying eye shadow on the eyes, make sure you apply it fully over your eye socket. Not a quarter, nor half. Fully! It makes it seem more natural this way.
  • Ears and neck matter as well when it comes to makeup! Make sure to apply foundation or powder in order to make the exposed skin the same color! Otherwise you'll look as if you are wearing a mask out!
After the tutorial, we went through another tutorial that was hands on and regarding bracelets and bag charms! We were given chains and charms and asked to be creative regarding our designs. This was conducted by Operation Overhaul.

These are the charms that my friends and I received!

This was Liy's!

This was mine~

Due to there being too many people and too little pliers, Liy and I decided to really get hands on and we used our bare hands to twist the little metal rings provided (Not in picture) to fit everything together! Really hands on eh? :)

I felt that the chains were too short for bracelets, so I decided to make them both into bag charms!

Here is my finished product!

Nice right! I think so too :D HAHAHAHA!! Oh gosh I'm so shameless.

I managed to borrow the Body Shop's mascot. Gingy, to help me model my work! :)

So cute right! xD I wanted to hang it around the waist, but Gingy has really small waist and hips so it kept dropping ): I'm jealous of you Gingy. LOL

While waiting for the others to complete their bracelets, we were allowed to wander to the back of the room to view their new and upcoming products! I took pictures of them all.

Just look at the cute sponge! Ahh. They had another cute reindeer sponge but I didn't manage to have a picture taken with it. ):

Yum.I would really like to take all of the products home. But my wallet seems to be protesting a lot o_o

After oogling all the beautiful products above, I went to the front of the room to take a look at the table that had all the products Lan used. FELL IN LOVE AGAIN!!

This is my dream okay. To wake up and see a table covered in makeup for me to use and fool around with. But sadly, this isn't mine D: Did you hear my heart break?

Needed selfie derp. Didn't have makeup on that day ): Wanted to ask one of the professional makeup artists to give me a makeover but I didn't have time D: Had a lunch date to go to. BUT I STILL HAVE THE VOUCHER TO USE! The voucher can be used for either brow trimming or a makeover. We can pretty much guess what I'll be going for!

After that, the event ended and we were all ushered down to the Body Shop store to make good use of our vouchers. But before that...I JUST HAD TO HAVE SELFIES TAKEN WITH THE GOODIES.

Sigh. How come I end up looking so derp when people take pictures of me? I always look so awkward D: as compared to selfies like this

EHEHEHE. Sorry for the spam of my face. Just want to look good you know xD

I am so glad that I attended the event! It was so informative and enriching and simply WOW. Hope to be able to attend more!

Hope you feel more encouraged to purchase the Body Shop products! Giveaway coming soon! Stay tuned!


  1. Seems wonderful! When will all of this be out in stores?

    1. Hello! It seems that The Body Shop Raffles City (@ City Hall MRT) already has the Winter Collection in stores already, but if my memory serves me right, the other stores around Singapore will stock the new items around 7 November. It was mentioned during the Glitz & Glamour Party. (:

    2. Thank you for your help! Will check it out for sure!