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REVIEW | Benefit Cosmetics - How To Look The Best At Everything Flawless Makeup Set

Its been quite a while since I blogged. I couldn't really help it though ): School has taken up so much of my time ): It makes me so sad okay, the past few years, at this time of the year, I'll be running around, fooling around and touching my makeup 24/7. Now, I'll be lucky if I manage to touch it once every two weeks!

Everyday, I'm practically like this okay.

I just want to stay in by bed and curl up and snooze! But cannot ): My school books are waiting for me -_- Sigh.

Okay lets cut the crap and start with the review! :)

Recently, I received a Benefit Cosmetics - How To Look The Best At Everything Flawless Makeup Set from Liy for my birthday, and I was really happy because I have heard various good things about their products and I couldn't wait to give it a try!

Although it may be called makeup set, it focuses mainly on the foundation of the face instead of other things like eyeshadow for the eyes or lipstick for the lips.

This is the information provided on it by the internet. (Credits to Sephora)

The one that I will be talking about today is the Medium makeup set, because that is the one that I have. I may tend to start fangirling over the product when I talk but that is considered normal for me because it just shows how excited I am over that specific product.

Here is the product.

Ahh, I just have so much feels towards this Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit. It's probably the closest that I can ever get to perfection. Not only is the packaging uberly adorable, the items inside are also endearing and they posses rather quaint names LOL. This whole makeup set comes in the form of a book, which I thought was pretty interesting and unique. 

This set consists of 4 items and they are a pore primer/toner (?) Its the thingy that helps you to close your pores o.o A bottle of foundation, a set of two concealors, and lastly, pressed powder. 

Now is the part where I tell you about the interesting names of all the products. The pore primer/toner thingy is called 'the POREfessional'. It's a play on the word professional! I thought that was pretty smart ehehehe. It is referred to as the 'PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores'. I can't tell you if it's good or not, cause I haven't tried it yet LOL! You see, I sort of forgot/didn't realise that this was included, so I went to use my Maybelline Pore Eraser. It was only after I used it, that I realised that I had this and went 'AISHHHHH.' Oh well. There's always next time. By the way, this is a picture of it. The one included in the set is smaller (Of course .__.) but it doesn't mean that its going to run out fast! It just means that you should not anyhow use it, but instead give more thought on where you are going to use it on.

It should probably have the same functions as the Maybelline Pore Eraser I guess. Since they both help to close the pores.

The next item, is the bottle of foundation. It's called 'I'm so money HONEY' while the bottle also states 'HELLO FLAWLESS - OXYGEN WOW BRIGHTENING MAKEUP'. AHAHAHAH!! I'm so money Honey! LOL! Sounds like me XD Omg, I could understand the 'HELLO FLAWLESS' part, but the 'OXYGEN WOW' portion just sent me into fits of giggles. I don't understand why either o.o Okay, I used this yesterday, so I can tell you how its like. It's literally 'Wow. Fantastic baby!'. The texture of it gosh. It was a nice blend of cream and liquid foundation and it was really easy to spread and blend. The coverage that it provides is also wonderful as well. When I first saw the small bottle, I thought 'Whattttt! So small :< It probably won't last me very long eh. But when I tried it out, I believe that it can end up lasting for quite a bit, because you only need one small pump of the foundation to cover your whole face o.o 

It covers up almost all of the existing blemishes. (Except for those redder than my skin colour portions aka pimples ): ) It makes your skin look matte and it feels really smooth when you touch your skin. I couldn't stop molesting my cheeks yesterday. It also has a rather natural looking finish. You know how sometimes you put on foundation and its quite obvious? Well, this foundation do not really have that problem. It just blends in so well with your skin. I swear that the only reason people knew that I had makeup on was because no one has such nice skin =3= 

This is how it looks like! Followed by the swatches :)

The next item, would be the set of concealors. They come in two different shades and this concealor has a pretty interesting name o_o It's called 'BOI-ING' ._. You know.. like the sound effects people give to rabbits when they jump?? Boing boing o.o I don't exactly see the link but I did have a good laugh over it :) These concealors are so good! I just pat some onto my pimples and WAHLAH. Instant disappearance of pimples >] The two concealors can also be mixed and blended in order to help provide you with the correct shade of concealor that you want :) It provides really good coverage and it is a strongly advised as well as needed item for people who tend to have breakouts like I do!

Here is the picture, as well as swatches for it. The concealors included are 02 and 03, and they do not look like this in the makeup set. Instead, they are placed as two squares side by side. If this confuses you, look up.

The last item would be the powder and its called 'I'm cute as a bunny HONEY' Gah so cutee! Maybe I'm the only psycho that thinks this way ): Well, this powder is smooth and nice smelling! The powder is really fine. and because it is so fine, it also helps to set your foundation and concealor by getting into the fine spaces that your foundation and concealor both missed to help hold it in place. Another good thing is that when you want to touch up your makeup, if you are too lazy to go reapply your concealor, you can just use the powder to cover it up! It works too as it provides great coverage like the concealor! If you are wondering if you could skip the concealor and just powder your face, its fine too, just that the concealor causes it to work better. Its up to you really.

Here is the picture and swatches of the powder!

Don't you just simply love the names?? 

Overall, I think that if I have to rate this, I'll give it a 9/10 --> based on current situations o.o I mean, it looks good. The cost of this is quite reasonable and the final result is pretty good. This makeup set costs $50 and you can get it from any local Sephora store :) The price, to some, may cause you to want to pull your hair out, but let me explain!

You see, the current things I have that resembles the above 4 products are my Maybelline Pore Eraser, my FairyDrops foundation, my Revlon PHOTOREADY concealor and my FairyDrops powder / Revlon Pressed Powder. The price of the above 4/5 items were about (in order) $16(sale), $2(sale, originally $25?), $15(sale), $2(sale, originally $25?) and $21(sale). If I didn't buy them on sale, they would amount to $102?? It's not that the products are horrible and that they are not doing their job well. The products are good, really! It's just that the Benefit Cosmetics products were better! 

Ah yes, before I forget, this makeup set comes in two/three(?) other skin tone shades! There are a total of 3/4(?) kinds. Light, Fair, Medium and Deep! I didn't know about deep until I visited the Sephora website, because apparently, Singapore only sells 3 kinds. Light, Fair and Medium. As far as I know that is o.o

Here are pictures of all 4 shades!

Hope you enjoyed this post and my review of the makeup set!


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