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REVIEW | Sleek Makeup - i-Divine Snapshots Makeup Palette

Ahhh, I finally got away from my books to blog.

Studying is so tiring, but everyone keeps telling me to hang in because it will all be over in 3 weeks' time. All the best to me then! I am really happy that I am blogging now, because blogging helps me to relax and just enjoy. For the time being at least!

Oops xD I ended up rambling once again didn't I? HAHAHA! Sorry about that! Lets start with the review then! :)

Also from my birthday pile, is this amazing Sleek Makeup - I-Divine Snapshots Makeup Palette! This was the second box that I opened! Like the previous Candy Collection Palette, which was the first one that I opened, when I first saw it, I thought that it was really 'sleek' and cool looking, because it is so thin, nicely sized, and travel adaptable. However, like towards the other palettes, I had reservations about it. So, as per usual, I went to Google as well as the specific Sleek Makeup website for it to do my research as well as to read some reviews!

After being 'wow-ed' by the Candy Collection Makeup Palette ( A review i did here ), my expectations of Sleek Makeup Palettes have seriously rocketed. And true enough, I wasn't disappointed. WOW. I just stared unblinkingly at it for the first 5 minutes after looking at the picture that the website provided. Here's a picture of it!

The moment I saw this, it was an instant 'BAM! IN LOVE' situation and I was pretty sure that I looked something like this

All googly eyes with hearts appearing and bubbling around me. At that moment, I thought 'I think that this will be my favourite palette for sure out of all the others!' ----> Which, I was not very sure of then, because I haven't exactly went to see the others .__. But now that I have already seen them all, maybe not so much :|

This palette was really an 'AHHHHHHH. OH MYYYY!! SO PRETTYYYYYYYY' palette. Don't the colours simply make you go 'Awwww'?? I mean, it reminds me so much of summer and fun, because the colours are so bright and mood lifting. Just by looking at them, a smile already graces my face :)

Like the Candy Collection Makeup Palette, I also prayed that the colours would be duly pigmented and vibrant upon then skin because it would really be such a pity, if the colours end up being really pale and looking nothing like how it looks like in the palette.

Once again, to my relief, reviews mentioned that the colours are as pigmented as they look and they all turn out nice on the skin! :) Starting from this post on, I don't think that I'll have to worry about the other palettes or read reviews anymore, because I am pretty sure that all the Sleek Makeup Palettes will live up to expectation! ( Don't disappoint me ;D )

Here is what Sleek Makeup has to say about it!

Yay! I sort of guessed correctly what it reminds people of? xD Maybe they should hire me :) Just kidding! ( Or am I? ;D )

This is the packaging/box that it came in! Simple, pretty and gives people and inkling of what is to be expected! By displaying the colours in little mounds of powder like this, I think that it really shows how pigmented and concentrated the colours are, as the colours are all displayed individually and they do not try to steal the 'limelight' from the other colours! Once again, that is my own thinking of course :)

Inside the palette was

  • A mirror ( the box is covering it :< )
  • 12 different eyeshadows
  • A double ended brush
  • A piece of plastic with the names of the various eyeshadows printed on it
As per usual, I will name and review the colours in batches of fours, so that its not so confusing for us all o.o Two colours from the top row and two colours from the bottom row will be considered a 'batch' :)

I apologize for the grainy texture ): 

I am sort of poor and hence, am unable to afford a proper camera ):

But that isn't going to stop me from blogging!

Lets start from top to bottom, left to right!

The above colours are Summer Breeze, Martini, Sand Walker and Washed Ashore.

Summer Breeze was a minty shade of green and it reminded me of peppermint ice cream! :) I sort of expected that an eyeshadow named 'Summer' would be Yellow/Golden because to me, summer usually means loads and loads of sun! :) Summer Breeze, although having turned out the same shade on the skin as when it is on the palette, isn't very pigmented, and I think that it is much more suited for an eyeshadow base to set the colour. You could still use it if you want a subtle colour though! :)

Martini was a light shimmery gold and it reminds me of just plain ol' gold! Not very creative, but I'll call them as I see them! :) Martini wasn't exactly pigmented. For people who use plan to use this as an eyeshadow on its own, you should refrain from rubbing your eyes, because, unlike the other matte eyeshadows, if you rub your eyes after applying this on, you'll find that all the 'gold' of the eyeshadow, will be on your fingers, leaving only the shimmer on your eyelids. I suggest using this as the top most layer for your eyeshadow :)

Sand Walker was aptly named! It is this nice, warm looking shade of brown that reminds me of Starbuck's Mocha Coco Frappuccino!! It is not very strongly pigmented but it is not bad! It appears on the skin the same shade as when it is on the palette! It is extremely easy to blend but even if you do not blend it well, this eyeshadow still causes a nice gradient to form :) Tried it and loved it! :)

Washed Ashore was a mix of brown and orange and reminds me caramelized oranges! :) Sadly, this eyeshadow doesn't look much like how it does on the palette when applied in the skin. This eyeshadow ends up having more of a soft peachy hue when it is applied on the skin and to be honest, it blends in exactly with my foundation so it doesn't look like I have eyeshadow on at all. Good thing? Bad thing? You decide xD

The above colours are Kiwi Flower, Lotus Flower, Sunset and Green Iguana!

Kiwi Flower was this bright shade of green that reminds me of Pear Drop (top left), except that it is infused with much more shimmer and glitter! This eyeshadow isn't very pigmented and much like the Martini, it comes off easily when you rub it, so be careful with it!

Lotus Flower was this lilac looking shade of purple and it reminds me of Syringas/Lilacs, just with additional glitter and shimmer added on! :) Surprisingly, while this particular eyeshadow may be a glittery one, unlike the others, it is actually quite pigmented! However, the glitter and shimmer in the eyeshadow is quite hard to blend and if your skills are as bad as mine or you do not have enough time, I suggest you refrain from using this eyeshadow because if you do not blend this well, it will end up 'lumpy', where the glitter and shimmer is heavier on one side than the other. :<

Sunset was this blood red looking colour that was infused with loads of glitter and shimmer. Why did I say that it looks blood red? It is because this shade of red lacks the vibrancy and brightness that makes it look like Santa Red. HAHAHAH! This eyeshadow, is not very pigmented as well, and when you apply it on, what goes on is actually more of the shimmer and glitter than the colour of the eyeshadowitself. When you try to spread it, I am actually sad and irked to say that the colour ends up taking on this brownish tint that resembles dried blood. Eyuck ): Like Lotus Flower, avoid using this if you do not have passable blending skills sorry ):

Green Iguana was a really nice looking shade of forest green and it is really soft and comfortable on the eyes. It is quite pigmented and while it may look glittery, it has actually more of a shimmery base and it is quite pigmented as well! Though the colour looks more matte on the skin than on the palette :)

These are the last four colours of the palette! And they are Humming Bird, Tequila Sunrise, Purple Haze and Magenta Madness!

Humming Bird was in a sense, like Green Iguana. It was a much more shimmery based eyeshadow than glittery eyeshadow. It also appears a lot more matte on the skin than on the palette. Due to its shimmery base, when you view the eyeshadow under certain angles and lights, it actually looks turquoise like, and it really reminds me of how I would imagine a mermaid's tail to be like. Like this! So pretty~~ :) It is pretty pigmented :)

Tequila Orange was this bright shimmery and glittery eyeshadow that sadly, didn't really live up to my expectations of its actual colour. I mean, when I looked at the picture by the website, the orange shown was really bright, while the orange that came was sort of duller and darker ): It is quite pigmented though! :) Like the previous two eyeshadows. its more of a shimmery based eyeshadow, which I am glad for, because I really wouldn't want to go around with a glittery dull orange eyeshadow ): Its so..weird! I am also glad that it turned out more matte on the skin than on the palette! :)

The last two colours are secretly my favourites! :)

Purple Haze was a beautiful deep shade of indigo and royal purple and it is quite pigmented! It is quite matte and it appears on the skin exactly how it appears on the palette! :) It is easy to blend and it is good to use if you want to attain a smoky effect on your lids!

Magenta Madness was a funky bright shade of pink, that could possibly pass off as neon pink and reminds me so much of Barbie. It is a matte colour, though it turns a shade lighter when you apply in on the skin. The final effect is strong looking shade of pink that isn't very concentrated! It's still a good eyeshadow though! :)

If I have to rate this, I will actually give it 7? because the glitters weren't exactly easy to blend and even though most of the eyeshadows weren't actually as vibrant or as pigmented as I had originally wished for, the eyeshadows were still usable if I want to go for a light look :) I am sort of disappointed with this palette though ):

You can get this palette from HERE through Luxola.

Thank you for sticking by to read this through! Hope you enjoyed it :) Will review the other two palettes once I have time! :)



  1. I believe that brushes matters just as much as skill! Do you mind making a post about brushes? I would appreciate it thank you!

    1. Hello! Wow. I'm so happy that people actually commented xD LOL
      Yea sure! But I think that it may take a while, because I am pretty busy due to exams :x

  2. Hello =) can you do a post on makeup brushes? Are expensive brushes better?

    1. Ahahah! As I've stated above, I'll be really glad to do so! But you have to give me some time :)

  3. looks really amazing,now i'm sure i'll buy it ;)