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Facial At Asian Skin Solution

Greetings =)

Today has been a wonderful day. Not only did I get a facial done, I also spent quality time with my Mother and went through some retail therapy----> excuses for shopping LOL! Well, I have been really traumatized by my exams recently, so i do need therapy! EXCUSESEXCUSESLOL

I managed to win a free facial session through a giveaway organised by Tokyo Mode Addict. The facial was done at Asian Skin Solutions and I can't even put into words about how awesome their services were!! I'll still try to do so though.

It was a very exciting and satisfying first time for me. I know that people normally sleep through the facials, but I didn't! I was simply too excited! I went with my Mother who received a complimentary facial from them :) They are such nice people.

They have two branches. One at Park Mall, and one at Bugis Village. I went to the one at Bugis because it was more convenient for me!

I was too excited that I forgot to take pictures, so I borrowed them from the Asian Skin Solutions webpage~ Here they are!

The facilities look the same as those in the pictures! The whole place had scented oil and scented candles and the fragrance had a really soothing effect. While waiting before and after treatment, we were served with rose tea. The tea tasted really good! I have many cups of it!

One of the reasons that I was really excited to get a facial, was because I had multiple breakouts recently due to stress and lack of sleep ): It was really horrible okay.

Eheheh I look like a dead fish due to the nature of my contacts but don't run! See that huge pimple in the middle of my forehead? Its so ugly ): I was sure that I walked around with my head down today.

For people with skin like mine, its okay ): you are not alone!

For people who have flawless skin, NO FAIR D<

Sigh. I found out today that our body thinks of our skin as insignificant and they hold our organs in higher regard. Well, I certainly view it the other way around o.o

All the staff at Asian Skin Solutions were really nice! They smiled a lot and they were really friendly. They answered all our questions regarding the place with patience. They also made small talk with us in bid to make us feel more comfortable. Which I am really thankful for, because I was getting sort of nervous when I reached the place. It looked so high class x.x

Before starting, my Mother and I had to fill up some forms regarding our health and allergies, and they had some pretty interesting questions like 'Insomnia?', 'Irregular Period?', 'Cosmetic Surgeries?', 'Stress?', and 'Do you travel?'

After we cleared those forms, we went to get our skin checked by this skin professional. Her name was Eve and she was very pretty LOL. Sorry, I like to appreciate nice things hahahah! I was really shy in allowing her to look at my face and use her apparatus on it because I am not exactly very proud or confident of my skin. But if I was, I probably wouldn't be there LOL.

I already had some expectations regarding the results, but some parts of the results still shocked me o.o

My skin was considered to be a combination type. Oily, and dry. Oily, I expected, but DRY? NEVERRRRRRRR!! I was really baffled. I just stared O_O at her because, how can your skin be oily yet dry at the same time? She then proceeded to explain to me that my skin was oily, because it was too dry, which meant that my skin continued gushing out oil in order to help moisten my skin. Wah. Oil glands, thanks for the hard work ah, but its okay. You can stop working overtime now!

Did you know that our skin is actually in the form of nets? Like fishnet stockings. Except where fishnet stockings are black, the lines on our faces are white, and those lines are the collagen that helps to nourish our skin. She used her equipment to scan and take various pictures of my face and sigh. I felt so exposed. She could tell that I had scratched my skin and left small wounds on my face. So embarrassing! I wanted the ground to eat me up please.

My face was considered super oily!! Like my Mother D= It was also low in moisture, a little rough and full of dead skin cells! AHHHHH. How about I just stay at home and spare the world my face from this day on. Sigh. I asked her about eye bags and dark circles and she did another scan on me and after looking at the pictures from those scans, she pointed out that the areas under my eyes were actually more of a purple than red, which meant that there was a lack of blood circulation. Apparently, this is what happens when you tire your eyes out too much. Like from too much television, too much computer etc etc. She then asked me,'DO you lower your head to shampoo your hair when you shower?' I replied No and she said 'Good! Don't do that okay! Its bad for you if you do that when you already have poor blood circulation!'. Wow. Thank god that I have a poor neck then o.o I normally don't do that because my neck will be tired if I bend forward for a period of time.

Today, I also realized that my life has been a lie.

Sort of. This whole time, I've been thinking that I have oily skin, so I've been using various anti-oil products from The Body Shop and then today, Eve told me that those products were probably the ones attributing to the excess oil that my skin produced. Not only that, people of my age/teenagers, should be using liquid/serum based moisturizer instead of cream based moisturizer, because cream based is less easily absorbed and may instead end up removing the pre-existing collagen on our skin.

*stares at The Body Shop products*

*stares at cream based moisturizer*

*incessant shooting at pre-mentioned products*

So I've been dooming myself and my skin by trying to save it while I was ignorant. I'm so sorry my skin ): Your master is a dumb dumb who tried to help you without doing any research ): Without the collagen on your face, you will look older and your skin will sag as you grow older! No wonder I look so old lah. I've been removing collagen from my skin unknowingly.

After the skin consultation, came the facial treatment! There is no 'standard' face treatment at Asian Skin Solutions. Every single treatment is specially catered to your needs! Just like how I went for a PH balance restoring treatment to help my skin be less dry and less oily while my Mother went for a pigment reducing treatment where she got dark spots removed.

The room that the treatment was done in was really nice! The bed was really comfortable looking, and they had this cupboard where you were to change into this tube-top dress sort of apparel before you start your treatment! The blanket/comforter was really comfortable. It smelled so good. Once again, I must emphasize that the entire place smelled extremely nice!

I had many things done to me during my treatment. Instead of sleeping, i ended up chatting to Eve, who was attending to me. I learnt many things from her! Like how she loves manga and anime, especially Detective Conan, and that she's a Malaysian! She was so sweet and gentle, like an elder sister! I really wanted to take a picture with her, but she said that they had this company policy where they are not allowed to take pictures with their clients ):

This were the things that were done to me! Eve told me everything and i memorized them all! (I think o.o) Aish. Should have asked her for a list zzz.

I did a

  • Face & Neck Wash
  • Double Cleanse
  • Scrub
  • Steam
  • Comedone Lotion
  • HF+ PH Formula
  • Acne & Blackheads Ridding
  • Eyebrows Threading/Shaping (I was so surprised when she asked me o.o)
  • Head, Face, Eye & Neck Massage
  • Face Cryoeal Macuine + PH Formula
  • Soothing
  • Hydrating
  • Face Mask
  • Soft Mask
  • Hard Mask
  • Shoulder Massage
When it was all over and she told me that I could get off and change, I sort of refused to LOL I was so comfortable okay. I really didn't want to move. I could just lie down and sleep till tomorrow but I can't ): My Mother was waiting for me outside and until now, I still have no idea what she did o.o

After I changed and went out, I was once again served with that nice rose tea. I wanted to ask them for a whole pot of it HAHAHAHA. But I can't be so thick skinned LOL. My first time there leh. For all you know, they may choose to ban me from their place xD ---> They didn't

I could see some visible differences after the treatment was over. I was literally glowing, my skin felt firm and bouncy, and it felt really smooth and hydrated! Don't ask me 'How do you feel that it's hydrated?' okay. You'll just know.

Here is an after picture!

The previously glaring pimple that was in the middle of my forehead is now not so red, nor swelling so much as compared to before! This is because Eve helped me to squeeze all the pus out of all my undesirable pimples! Now its going to heal much quicker!

Another thing I learnt today, is that whitening products, dries up your skin. So to avoid having to use whitening products, simple use more sun screen! So simple isn't it! LOL. I wish I thought of that sooner. Maybe my skin could have avoided such sadness ):

Overall, it was a really fun experience and I can't wait to go back for my facial treatment on 11th of November! Told you that they didn't ban me from their place xD

Asian Skin Solutions is giving away complimentary facials! This means that its free!

Call 6767 0077 to make an appointment!

For weekdays, the earliest time that they can attend to you is 11 am, and the latest time that they can attend to you is 7 pm.

For weekends, the earliest that they can attend to you is 11 am, while the latest time that they can attend to you is 5 pm!

Each treatments lasts about 2 hours! The first 30 minutes is spent analyzing your skin! But the time taken for the treatments is different for everyone, because each treatment is specially catered to your needs! Have fun, enjoy the treatment and take care! :)

Good bye!

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