Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hong Kong Makeup Haul

Disclaimer first!

This is going to be a picture heavy post!

Reviews of each product will be posted individually when I'm free! :)


In my previous post, I mentioned that I went to Hong Kong (Does anyone remember?) and that was where I bought my Cath Kidston Makeup Brush Set from. However, that sure wasn't the only makeup related item I bought there! I just didn't put the brushes in this post because the brush post was a review while this post is about my makeup haul!

Sorry for the ramble! We can finally start now! XD

JENGJENG~!! These are the stuff I bought! I will talk about the items in the order that I do my makeup! The only exception being the magazine.

I bought a JILL STUART magazine~ huehuehue.

Anyone can guess why I bought this magazine?

If you said it's because this magazine is pretty, you're only 1/4 right hehehe.

I bought it for the freebie AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I wanted this makeup pouch really badly okay! Other than the fact that it is from Jill Stuart and that the print is really cute, there's also the fact that I need a makeup pouch :>

How the pouch looks like compressed~ its fold friendly so don't worry~

How the pouch looks normally~

Love the prints and the zip!

The handle is in the form of a ribbon! HOW CAN THIS GET ANY CUTER ALREADY OH MY GOD.

How the pouch looks like when it is open~

The top flap has a netted pouch with a zip for you to put small things that you may need while bringing your cosmetics out. For example, Q-tips and the likes of it.

I don't think that it is visible in this picture but in the pouch, there are actually sectioned holders for you to put items that you would like to stand! For example, mini makeup brushes, liquid concealers and maybe lip glosses too!

Okay~ now we can get started on the products! :D

I have really oily skin, so primers are a must for me!

I got two primers on this trip! One is my holy grail and the other one is one I just wanted to try out ehehehe.

THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL. Dior's SKIN REFINING MATTE PRIMER! It was so good that I ran around like a headless chicken in Hong Kong looking for it when mine ran out. I really tried to squeeze the tube until it was empty okay!! My existing tube looks like a mauled tube of toothpaste LOL.

Apparently, this was as precious to the people in Hong Kong as it was to me, because all 8 stores that I went to, had this item out of stock. Sigh. I was kind of sad, until I realised that Hong Kong sold this primer at a higher price than Singapore did.

I waited till I got back to Singapore's DFS to purchase it. Luckily it was only a 4-day trip so my already depleted tube didn't have to suffer for much longer.

The primer I bought to try out was 3CE's Pore Silky Balm!

I decided to try it because I heard good reviews and because I have been hoping to find a cheaper alternative to my holy grail (Admit it, who doesn't want to save money LOL). Haven't tried this yet! Will do a review post after I've tried it out! If I write down my thoughts on this now, I'll probably have nothing left to write after.

Next is the foundation~ I restocked my favourite liquid foundation, Benefit Cosmetic's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Honey!

If you read my post on Benefit's foundation kit, you would know how much I love the foundation. For liquid foundation, this is my holy grail. Never, have I found a foundation that suited me so well until I tried this. The colour is great, it's coverage is fantastic, it's light on the face, it looks natural. What more can I say. This definitely deserves a review on its own.

Normally, I use two different kinds of foundation on my face to help control the amount of oil, so I went ahead to purchase powder foundation, the pressed kind! Because I realised that all the powder foundation I have are the loose kind LOL.

The first one I got was the JILL STUART Foundation Compact & Powder.

The lovely silver jewelled powder compact~

It comes with a lovely rose tassel! How adorable!!

A sponge is provided too! This is nothing new but their sponge is pink! Fits their product perfectly!

There is a mirror attached to the underside of the sponge rest~ there is a sheet of clear plastic over their product to keep it sanitary. I find it annoying but I still keep it LOL.

I don't think that you can see clearly from the pic (Because I've already used the powder I'm sorry) but there are actually engravings resembling the powder compact on the pressed powder itself! Will do a review of it!

The other powder I bought is the MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Pressed Powder!

Was trying to find a cheaper alternative to my NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder :>

I always loved using translucent powder because by doing so, your makeup will look more natural and less cake-y because this doesn't help to add on to your pigments, but rather, help to set it as well as to lock it in place! :)

After setting my foundation and all, I would normally do my brows first! I bought a Dolly Wink Brow Mascara~

This doesn't really count as a restock of sorts because I never owned a Dolly Wink Brow Mascara in the first place HAHAHAHAHA XD

I do, however, own a Majolica Majorca Brow Mascara and it did my brows pretty well, except that after I dyed my hair, it was too dark for me...hence the new purchase!

I bought mine in the lightest shade Maple and I have to say that this goes on really well, it coloured my brows quite evenly! Will do a separate review for it! (PS. I just edited into the disclaimer that I would do reviews for all the products separately so I don't have to keep mentioning that anymore phew :>)

Next will be the eye products~!!

I got this double eyelid glue/tape sort of thing. I'm not too sure because it's a glue but it also gave me eyelid fibre??? O_O I was quite confused. Sorry but I'm not a professional at this because I have never used any eyelid tape whatsoever before, just thought to give it a try after my friends keep telling me about them! I also bought a Heroine Make Eyeshadow Palette! Also bought an eyeliner and a box of fake eyelashes as well! (Don't mention about how I bought two packs of eyelashes a few days ago thanks :>)

I didn't really know which brand was good, I just went for the one that said 3rd Anniversary Special because I thought that if it wasn't good, it wouldn't have lasted in this industry for so long and also, I have weak resistance when it comes to Limited Edition stuff. XD

The Heroine Make Eyeshadow Palette!

One of the main reasons I bought this, is because Singapore doesn't sell this. Also, I have wanted to try out Burgundy/Rose makeup!

This palette is called Rose Garnet and like it's name suggests, it's colour scheme is centred around the Rose looking colours!

Loved the fact that there is a mini tutorial on the back of the packaging to teach me how to use this eyeshadow palette properly~ :>

The eyeliner I bought! :)

I bought this limited edition Sailor Moon eyeliner!! There were various other colours but I chose to buy the one colour that is seemingly out of stock in Singapore... the Sailor Venus, Orange Gold eyeliner~! :)

This was a bargain set. A coloured eyeliner and a normal black eyeliner that is sold at a lower price. Hong Kong sells this set cheaper than Singapore does! The black eyeliner is not pictured above because I gave it away to my aunt~ the colour payoff is amazing by the way. Wish I bought the green Sailor Jupiter one too ):


These lashes may look really dramatic and indeed are for daily use, but for cosplay they are just perfect! When I cos, I like to use eyelashes with a hard lash bone because I felt that they would hold my eyes open better, define my double eyelid better and overall, let me look as if I had bigger eyes! (I don't have big eyes naturally so at least let me have my fun through makeup LOL)

Super excited to use them in my shoot in 2 weeks time!!

Lastly, lip products! :D

Bought two lip products from Candy Doll because I wanted them for quite a while and Hong Kong sold them cheaper than Singapore!! :)

Got the Moisture Lip Treatment that I have been interested in for quite a while! Sure hope that it does as it claims! :>

Also got this really beautiful Candy Doll lip gloss in Juicy Cherry!

I have heard quite some stuff about it and though late, it is finally my turn to try it! I normally try to stay away from red lip products because I felt that I wasn't mature enough to pull them off, but now that I have cut my hair off, maybe it's time to give things I normally don't want to touch a try? :)

That's the end of my post!

Thank you for staying to the end of my ramblings!

Here's a picture of me in Hong Kong! When I still had long hair~ :>

Small eyes due to lack of eyelashes!

See why I need to buy so many now?! XD


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