Monday, 2 March 2015


Hello there~

While I was out shopping recently, I decided to drop by Sasa to see if they have new items available and I am very glad that I did! Because if I didnt, I wouldnt have found such a great bargain!

Decorative Eyelash is selling this special limited eyelash set! The set consists of two packs of eyelashes (5 pax eyelash per pack)  and one small bottle of eyelash glue.

This is how the set looks like! 

As far as I know, there are only two variations for this special pack. One of them is this pack with Play Cute #6 & Play Sexy #5 and the other, I didn't get the chance to know because it was out of stock. D=

If I'm not wrong, the top lashes for the other pack was the full length version of this Play Cute #6!

I bought the set with Play Cute #6 because I wanted the demi lashes~ recently, I started to prefer demi lashes for everyday looks as opposed to full lashes because demi lashes blend more easily with my own and they aren't so heavy! Sometimes I find my eyelids drooping from the sheer weight of the lashes LOL

The demi lashes~ they are really soft and pretty! They are really light until you don't even realise that you have false eyelashes on until you see them from the top of your eyes HAHAHAHAH!! Then you will be like 'Whoa, my lashes are long!!' and then 'Oh yea, I have falsies on' 8D

Pictures of the individual pack of lashes~

Play Cute #6 are half lashes that are soft, fluttery, light and natural looking! They just blend in so well with my natural lashes! They have a really soft lash bone as well which doesn't irritate the eyes!

Close up view of the lashes!

I used these lashes when I went out yesterday! I only used the top ones though, because I was going for a natural look and the bottom lashes were kind of too dramatic for me!

Sorry, not very photogenic but I tried, still not really used to my short hair.

Close up view of the lashes when worn.

(PS. Are my lenses nice? XD Will be doing a review on them soon!)

View from bottom.

Really super mega in love with these lashes! Thanks to the application of mascara, my own lashes blend in quite nicely with the false lashes! They frame my eyes really well! Though i feel that the view from the bottom looks nicer than from front, though that's probably my own fault for not being able to stick the lashes on properly HAHAHAHAHA.

I will work hard to practice!!! :>

These are the Play Sexy #5 lashes! They are bottom lashes as you can see and they are quite dramatic so I feel like I probably wouldn't use them in my everyday look. I like how each section of the lash isn't one stiff piece but instead, many thing fibres interweaving together so that it doesn't look too harsh.

Close up view of the lashes!

Will make sure to edit in pictures of me wearing the bottom lashes when I do!

Next is the eyelash glue~

To me, I feel that this eyelash glue is really good, it may even be better than Dolly Wink, because this lash glue spreads thinly and it dries really fast and sticks on really well! For Dolly Wink lash glue, you have to wait a while before the glue gets sticky enough to apply on and if you don't wait long enough, the lash wouldn't stick on. But on the other hand if you pasted the lashes too quickly, the glue wouldn't be sticky enough. For this glue, you don't have to wait very long. I blew on it for roughly three seconds before pasting my lashes and bam. It stuck on quickly. I'm actually considering buying another set of lashes just for the glue LOL.

This Decorative Eyelash Special Limited Set can be found at Sasa at the price of SGD$29.90! I'm not too sure if you can find it at Watsons because I bought mine at Sasa but if I find it there, I will update this post!

Thank you for reading! :>


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