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REVIEW | Cath Kidston Makeup Brush Set Review

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I was in Hong Kong with my relatives a few weeks ago (last week to be exact), and I was wandering around when I saw a Cath Kidston store and being the sucker for floral prints that I was, I rushed there to browse the products in hopes that the things would be cheaper over there than in SG.

They were slightly cheaper, but that wasn't the best part yet! There were discounts going on and I managed to purchase this beautiful 7 piece brush set for approximately SGD$30! I really love makeup brushes for reasons I know not why and after touching (read molesting :>) the tester brushes, I decided to buy them!

It was my first time hearing of Cath Kidston Makeup Brushes and I went a little :O but since they are selling them in the legit store, I guess that there's no harm in trusting them!

Here is the brush set!

The print is absolutely beautiful!!! Being the hopeless romantic I am, I teared a little as I usually do when I see pretty things. (AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES THAT?)

The brushes comes in a pink lined white pouch with roses printed on it. The pouch is made out of oilcloth, which I felt was a brilliant move on the manufacturer's part because oilcloth can be easily cleaned if it gets dirty, and we all know how easily makeup pouches get, seeing as how the makeup residue on the brushes transfers easily! The pouch is actually a long rectangle that can be folded up into the shape that you currently see it as! Even after folding, the pouch is still relatively flat and doesn't take up much space! Perfect for travelling!

The inside of the pouch looks like this~

I am very amazed that the pattern continues on inside because for most pouches that I know of, the design normally remains on the outside while the inside is like a bleh LOL (in this case, bleh means mundane) 

Each of the brush comes with its very own slot to keep it safe and secure! There is also a plastic flap that covers the top half of the brushes to keep them clean and protected! I have no idea what to feel about the flap honestly because sometimes I'm glad that it's there to keep the makeup residue from transferring while other times, I find it very in my way AHAHAHAHA!!

There is also an extra pouch at the end with a zip for you to store anything else you may need to go together with your brushes!

The brushes out of their pouch!

The brush set consists of 7 brushes! A large fluffy powder brush, a angled powder brush, 2 eyeshadow brushes, an eyeshadow sponge brush, a eyebrow comb brush and a brow brush (?) --> I'm not too sure about that brush.

The brushes, based on the way that they feel, are probably made out of synthetic fibre! They come with a white wooden handle! I sort of wish that they come with their uses engraved on the handle, so that I wouldn't get them wrong EHEHEHEH. I still tend to mix up my brushes at times!

The large fluffy powder brush!


I dont know that if you could tell that the brush is really soft and fluffy from the picture above, but I can guarantee you that it was! The brush is also really densely packed and I think it'll pick up powder really well and will apply your powder on nicely!

The fluffy angled brush! I feel that this would be a good brush for applying bronzer and for contouring your face because its angled and because it's soft yet dense enough that you wouldn't pick up overly much product as well as not scratch your face off LOL. It's as soft and fluffy like the powder brush!

Blushes would would too! Anything would probably work with this brush, I'm just suggesting!

The two eyeshadow brushes and the eyeshadow sponge brush! I grouped them all together because they were all meant for the eyes heh. The first eyeshadow brush has a domed shape and I think it is probably meant for applying eyeshadow all over your eyelid because the area it would cover would be too big for just a specific area.

The second eyeshadow brush is smaller and skinnier and not as dense and it could probably be used as a blending brush or an eyeshadow brush that targets a specific eye area, for example, the crease or something. Still not really good at identifying brushes sorry!

The third brush, the sponge one, I find, is good for picking up and applying glitter all over your eye. The normal brushes I find, do not pick up glitter that easily due to all the spaces they have between the bristles. The sponge is better because it is one flat surface with no spaces between the bristles because it doesn't even have bristles in the first place LOL. This applies to me, not sure how others feel about it!

This is the eyebrow brush and comb! The bristles of the eyebrow brush is pretty well cut and it's firm yet not harsh on the skin! Some eyebrow brushes I find to be really harsh on the skin! Like when you try to brush through your brows, they drag kind of painfully across your skin and irritate the hell out of the skin around your brows and turn them an ugly shade of red tsk. This is fine for me! 

The last brush which I sort of have no idea what it's for. It's sort of rectangular and slightly dense, so maybe a blending brush of sorts? Or maybe a normal eyeshadow brush, concealer brush or maybe even a nose conturing brush? If anyone knows what this brush is for, do let me know! I'll be really grateful! =D

This is a really good brush set and I think this could act as a great starter set for newbies! I'm not too sure if Singapore sells this though! Sorry about that! I am really in love with this brush set because it doesn't have much hair falling out, which is what makes me sad when it happens to brushes.

Thanks for reading!

Sorry if I got too carried away rambling!


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