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Love Live! x FIFA World Cup 2014


Like the title suggests, this is an old post!

I originally posted this on Pika Pika's blog but I decided that it should appear on my blog too!

So last year, my maid cafe and I rode on the FIFA World Cup hype and cosed a fan art version of Love Live! crossover-ed with FIFA WORLD CUP~!

Here is the original picture!

This post was written by Natsumi, Neko and I together and it was meant to be a story of sorts, so please excuse the weirdness! HAHAHA!

I literally copied and pasted the entry because I was the one who wrote it mainly! My stage name is Nanami by the way! :D

Here goes!

YOSH~~!! This is Nanami, Natsumi & Neko writing!

We'll be your guide for this post!


Jkjk~ we were just fooling around with the props~

How has everyone been doing? We are very sorry about the lack of posts and updates, but the past few weeks has just been so utterly hectic that we had no time to blog D:

Though the past few weeks has been exhausting, it doesn't mean that it wasn't fun! Many things took place. We had our training session for our event, our event itself ( the post will be up soon~ ) and then we had our Love Live x World Cup photoshoot!

We had our shoot at White Cottage Studio, located at Chinatown, behind Oriental Plaza~

The three of us decided to meet about 2 hours earlier in order to prepare ourselves for our shoot. We only booked the studio for 2 hours so if we started preparing at the studio itself at the start of the shoot, by the time we got ready, we'll have to leave already LOL. SO YES. THE THREE OF US MET UP EARLIER AND CAMPED AT THIS ULU TOILET AT ORIENTAL PLAZA. ( We weren't allowed inside the studio ahead of time you see D: ) We were totally getting judged. It didn't help that Nanami's wig before cutting looked like a bird nest.

Nanami: I would put in a picture of how my wig looked like before cutting but Natsumi wouldn't let me D: BOOOOOOOO!

Close to the shoot, we started calling Suzume and asking where she was. She told us that the rest of the girls and her ( except for Naru ), were already at the studio.

The three of us just





WHATTTTTTTT. How did we end up the ones being late!! D< Maybe we shouldn't have tried to wait for them after all....

We hurriedly grabbed our things and left Oriental Plaza.


Like Nanami hinted above, we got lost. OTL

It took us about 15 minutes of contacting the girls and getting clearer directions as to where the studio was exactly. It was so ulu.... but YAY. WE GOT THERE EVENTUALLYYYYYY~!! *celebrates*

The photographer was already there, so seeing as Natsumi and Nanami were the most ready out of all the other girls, they had their photos taken first.

Before we forget, this is a list of who took which character~

Kousaka Honoka - Nanami
Sonoda Umi - Suzume
Minami Kotori - Yukari
Yazawa Nico - Neko
Ayase Eli - Spica
Toujou Nozomi - Natsumi
Nishikino Maki - Mirei
Koizumi Hanayo - Amane
Hoshizora Rin - Naru

Here's a group (we're missing Hanayo & Rin D:) selfie first of all!

How do we look! =)

Nanami: I'll be posting my selfies with the other members so just a heads up that you'll be seeing loads of my face!

With Natsumi~

Nanami: NATSUMI IS SO PRETTY THAT I CAN'T EVEN -----!@#$!@#$%^&*()

With Neko~ (she took out her wig already but its okay)

With Mirei~

With Suzume~

With Amane~

With Naru~

With Spica~ (she decorated our photo o.o)

With Yukari~

Nanami: I can't find my selfie with Yukari so here's pretty Suzume's selfie with Yukari and Naru~!! =) Btw, although you sick of seeing my face already, I shall just post my own selfie here eheheheh~!!

Honoka desu~!!!

Many funny things happened throughout our shoot and we almost ran out of time to shoot D:

So like we were saying previously, Natsumi and Nanami had their shoot first!

Here are some pictures~

HAHAHAHA!!! Natsumi had to stand on the chair in order to get the height difference between Nozomi and Honoka right because Nanami is just way too tall OTL

Okay, we'll try to shut up for now and just let you enjoy this flood of pictures~ 8'D

Nanami: If I ever want to sue Natsumi, I can use this and say she like to molest me xD but its a Nozomi thing to do~~

And just because Nanami is one of the writers of this post, she can post more of her selfies! /shot

Nanami: For the Honoka fans out there~~!! I hope that I didn't disappoint you!!

Thank you for taking time to read this post! We hope that we weren't overly horrible writers QAQ Thank you KeiCho Photography for being our photographer and for taking our pictures that day!

Many things are going to happen so remember to keep checking our blog and Facebook page! :) Most of our photoshoot pictures are going to be uploaded on out Facebook page so it'll be your loss if you do not check it out!

See you next time~!!

Nanami: If you are wondering why theres so many Nanami, Natsumi & Neko pictures, its because we are the writers and there's nothing more we have on hand than our own pictures! xD

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